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ŘEZOŇ® LTS is a cutting fluid for universal use. It has excellent lubricating properties. It creates a slide film that reduces wear, friction, noise, and prolongs the life of tools. ŘEZOŇ® LTS is made with synthetic oil without solid lubricants, with a special metal-protecting component that creates a highly sliding and strong protective, high-load (up to 5000 N) coating on the surface of friction areas, for extremely high loads. It has very good adhesion and stability even at high temperatures. It is ideal for easy and precise operations with materials where it enables higher cutting speed, protects the tools used, prolongs the life of tools protecting the material machined against corrosion at the same time.


Product Stock no.
400 ml spray 203013
  • Reduces friction, wear, operating temperatures,and noise
  • Protects tools and prolongs their life
  • Low tendency to oxidation, good resistance against being washed out with water
  • Protects against corrosion
Composition synthetic oil, additives protecting against corrosion
Load 5000 N
Wear 0.42 mm
Solid substances containes none
Viscosity medium
Colour red fluid
Ignition point none
Solubility in water non-miscible

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